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Russian Democratic Society is a community of Russian immigrants in the UK. We unite like-minded individuals, groups and organisations in shaping a democratic future for Russia. We empower people to push ideas forward by facilitating horizontal connections for all.



Mission Statement

We bring together Russian immigrants who uphold democratic values in the UK and their allies. Our goal is to advocate for human rights, peace, and social justice, and to provide support and humanitarian aid to those impacted by war and repression.

The Story of Russian Democratic Society

Russian Democratic Society is a transformative Community that started back in January 2021 when Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny returned home after his rehabilitation in Germany from poisoning with Novichok. He faced severe struggles and was arrested upon his return. It was an eye-opening event for most Russians as well as people in other countries. We could not help but take to the streets of our cities to protest against the criminal actions of our government.

In February 2022, another shocking event, the war with Ukraine, roused us to stand up withstand the terror committed by our country's leaders. And by now, we are determined to take crackdown actions for our country's best future.

Unlike our compatriots who live in Russia, we can and must use our freedom of expression rights to help our country to become a better place. And to show our support to repressed and arrested fellows in Russia. Our ethical course highlights the fundamental issues in Russia, such as; censorship, freedom of speech, human rights discrimination, social issues, corruption and economic issues.

By adopting a white-blue-white flag, the symbol of Free Russia, Anti-War Protest and Russian Opposition, we embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating leadership opportunities and advocating for changes with a real impact. Together with our allies and partners, Russian Democratic Society engages and mobilises activists and leaders in the UK and other countries.

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