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Sasha's letters



Hi, Mom! 
How are you? Tell me, what did the medical checkup say - is everything all right with your health? I'm in a big shock from the latest news, I even started listening to the news on the radio. For some reason it takes the longest time for letters from Sonia to reach me. Many of them come and go from me on the same day, but it is Sonya's letters that take a long time. I am very worried about her.
She is a nurse, and her passport says that she is liable for medical service. There is no word at all about the draft for medical workers, only about men and their situations, and there is no information about women, and I’ve been worried sick for days, worried about my beloved, and about Lyosha, too.
He seems to be unfit, but what if? I am deeply shocked by this situation. Yes, I have the same cell as in that picture (although I have not seen it, but I remember the moment when it was photographed), only I am now in four layers of clothes. So far, there is no heating, and I am terribly cold, especially at night. At night, the cold makes my joints ache a lot. Something truly amazing happened: in the cell two sprouts grew from a crack in the floor, we did not water them, as you understand) I laughed for a long time when I saw them. I do not know what it is growing. Maybe some seeds had fallen in there. It really impressed me. Can you imagine what grayness: o And what about "Look at the harlequins" by Nabokov? Yes, now a lot of people have a strange situation in their families. I don't understand how it's possible (so I was lucky in that sense - in my closest environment I probably only met support. I'm really glad that you have an understanding about my relationship with Sonya, that you understand that this is serious. Sonia will be my wife sooner or later. (We will definitely invite you to the wedding, even if it's in many years!) What pics did Sonia send you of the kitties? Did she send you a picture of the white cat playing with the big black cat? I would really like to see them play) Sonya says they are always rolling around on the floor - she sent me pictures like that. I look at them for hours. The second cat Maude lives at Rita's now. Sonia sent me a picture of them sitting together on the couch, Maude doesn't like the black cat at all, but she's fine with the big dog.
You're freezing in there, too, aren't you? Do you at least have heating there? How's Anyuta? Have you seen how she skates? How are my favorite nephews? I also correspond with the girl who recently had a wisdom tooth removed.  Thanks for the pictures of sunny Bastille, so warm from them) here all the people still in T-shirts) I started to get acquainted with the case, so that soon will go out in the courts. 
Love you! Kisses!


Hi Mom, it's very warm here today. After I got back from the courthouse, the heat and hot water are back on. It feels like the hardest moment has already passed. On Friday, by some amazing coincidence, a nurse arrived with a Holter. And now I'm already walking with it for the third day. Monitoring for three days, along with measuring blood pressure (shit, when would I have done that if not for my arrest). I'm really tired of it - of the sensors and the fact that it's squeezing my arm-although it will be taken off tomorrow. I've learned that having low blood pressure is a good thing - people with low blood pressure live longer - their heart doesn't wear out as quickly. Yes, My beanie hat is in evidence. and someone is what - publishing them? That's not the case (in court) ! But it's really funny. What's not funny is that the thing in the dock is my computer with all the music I wrote and all the pictures and books I drew!

Were Sonya and Lesha able to copy some of the source for the books for future publication? All the evidence can and will be destroyed by court order.

And the fox hat is the least of my worries, I feel more sorry for my creative legacy: Well, how's your fish? Listen, Timosha sent me a parcel! Can you believe it? I was not even aware of how he was and here he sent me everything. felt-tip pens from the parcel, were destroyed though (they are not allowed here). He also sent me some oatmeal, but it was without a wrap, and I do not know if I can have it. can you ask him about that, please?

I don't know if he remembers that I'm only allowed gluten-free food. In fact, please tell him thank you so much from me. He just made me really happy) But most of all I was happy that he can collect packages, so it means he's okay. I wasn't aware about any news about him. Rita is a very nice person, probably one of the kindest people I know. She helps me all the time. She takes parcels in her car and comes to the hearings. I don't even know how to thank her for all this. Rita wrote that Maud tries to steal food from Teddy's bowl and Teddy drives her away. She sent me a picture of her. Oh, she is so big and her fur is shiny and matey. I can not believe what a weak baby she was, but she has a nervous disposition because of the difficult childhood. Tell me, how are your events with the immigrants? What do you discuss, what songs do you usually sing? I agree with you that Brodsky is very cool) Recently I often remembered his poem sung by Alexander Vasilyev "The end of a beautiful era".

Do you have a favorite poem from him? I also recently tried to remember the name of the museum in Paris that has a lot of Rodin and generally 18th and 19th century art on display, here, not Ponnidou or the Louvre, but the third one this museum. Don't you remember? I also really liked the medieval museum in Paris) Have you been there? There's a very beautiful tapestry with a unicorn. It gets dark early here, too. It's 7:00 and it's already dark outside the window. How's the fish? 

How are you?


Hi mom! I love you so much! And so glad that you followed the court hearing ...

For me it's like you were there for me) I feel good and warm about it) I'm also thrilled that you are socializing in such a way.

It's very hard for many people to socialize in another country because of the lack of communication. And you have a lot of it now, which is nice. You used to be pretty shy and withdrawn, and I feel good that this current situation (as sad as it is) is helping you broaden your horizons and social circle. Have you already made any new friends or aren't getting close to anyone in particular yet? Have you heard that Rita has become my public defender, and I see her once a week? Novolodsky is really very cool, and he talks to me very gently and affectionately, like a kind grandfather. In some ways he reminds me of your father. And I also found out from his books that he decided to become a lawyer when he was 7 years old, when he found out that his grandfather, who was shot in 1930 as an enemy of the people, was rehabilitated. he was shot because of a snitch from a neighbor, for asking some commander something like : how many of ours died? I see some slight parallels with our case: oh and so in my case he is interested personally...Glad you have such successes with

chairs) Sounds very cool. You've always had golden hands! Thanks

for the vest. I will be wearing it around here to make everyone jealous. Very much love the bright colours. I want a button-up vest  - a little below the waist or at the waist. I want it a little slim fit. Frank, of course, is in his repertoire - it's awful that he took the kids outside to swim in this weather! Can you imagine, I'm currently corresponding with a girl who emigrated to Germany, and this weekend they came to Paris were at Lubimovka as well and at a meeting with Zvyagintsev. Her boyfriend showed him his debut film about refugees, and Zvyagintsev loved it. Yes, Lyosha and Sonya do a great job for me, and they're a great team. But I can't imagine what kind of state Lyosha is in. I think he's wildly tired and feels terrible - he needs to rest. Maybe you can talk him into it? 

I love you) Happy New Year!


Hi! Thank you for writing. The cat is such a sweetheart! :) He’s quite big, isn’t he, as far as I can tell? He looks huge. How’s Anyuta? How’s Maya and Sasha? Yes, it’s true, I’ve been monitored – actually I’ve done it before, around ‘14. It hasn’t gotten worse, seemingly, same as it was in my childhood – lots of nighttime pauses and few in the daytime, but it has nothing to do with the darkened vision, so the cardiologist is citing acute heart failure, since the murmurs are very loud. Everyone who’s listened says so. So the monitoring is more or less in order (as in, not worse than before). Actually, I’ve even got good news – they haven’t found any dysfunction in the sinus node. The murmurs, however, are very loud, which might mean that bacteria could’ve destroyed the valve if they’d gotten in during the infection, after the tooth surgery. I’m just waiting to be examined. But instead of that I’m being transferred to temporary detention to examine the case materials there. The nutrition available there isn’t suitable for me, so that’s incredibly problematic. Everyone else facing the same charges as me looks at their cases while in the SIZO. But in my case they’ve decided to use food to exert pressure on me. I don’t really understand why. There is no reason why I can’t be going through the case in the SIZO, and we can’t even file a complaint, since they informed us of this decision on the weekend and the transfer is already scheduled for Monday. Sorry for dumping all of this on you, you’re worried as is. I met a really famous Belarussian political prisoner in the court yesterday. Her name is Yana. I’ve been dreaming of talking to her for a long time, but I’ve never had the opportunity. The court hearing on her extradition to Belarus was that same day, and her lawyers were fighting hard to prevent it – there’s only one place in the world where political prisoners are treated worse than here… and Yana is being sent to that place for her aid to political prisoners in Belarus :( I bet the puisne judge, who first sent Yana back to Belarus and then sent me to the SIZO right after, had an interesting day. I’m being rushed to examine my case materials, which means the hearings will start shortly. I didn’t think it’d be so soon. I thought, at the very least until New Year’s… Say hi to everyone from me :) Promise to hug the cat (and Anya, Sasha, and Maya) on my behalf :) Talk soon :))

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